Social Issues in Arvinda Adiga's "The White Tiger": An Investigation



The present research paper effectively highlights the social issues in the novel. The novel is described through letters by Balram Halwai to the Premier of China. The Premier of China will shortly be visiting India. The White Tiger is all about insignificant awareness in which the protagonist, Balram narrates his story of life. Balram, the protagonist of the novel, is a representative voice of lower class symbolically depicted as rooster coop. Balram, the White Tiger has no friends. He is labeled as deprived class hero. He is struggling to liberate from age old slavery and misuse. The protagonist was raised in a large, poor family from the caste of Halwai. Balram’s village is conquered and exploited by the four landlords. Balram becomes class aware. He journeys from rags to riches on account of his education. Education plays a role as an instrument of liberation for him. Arvind Adiga has represented the struggle of deprived class for liberation from social restrictions imposed on deprived class by upper class. He correctly gives a message that the marginal are motionless waiting for their betterment and rights.


dominance; education; inferiority; suppression; underclass

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