Oedipus Complex and "Oedipus Rex": A Freudian Reading of Sophocles "Theban Trilogy"

Navya Chandran


Sophocles’ Theban Trilogy comprises of Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone. The genogram of Oedipus is largely traced from the ancient text Theogony and Sophocles has chosen to elaborate on the family line beginning with Laius, the father of Oedipus and it concludes with the story of Antigone. Oedipus was, for Freud, a rich literary geological lode in which he could focus, by projection, the tormenting and turbulent early childhood fantasies of his own troubled unconscious, and from which he extrapolated a general principle of his psychology which eventually became elevated and enshrined as a dogma of psychoanalysis: the Oedipus Complex.  Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic theory Oedipus complex is one of the most influential as well as divisive theories of the twentieth century. The paper examines the scope of Oedipus complex in Oedipus Rex.


oedipus complex, mirror stage; neurosis; anxiety; penis envy

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