Nationalism versus Provincialism: A Hypothetical Paradox in Sir Walter Scott's Classical Works

Tapash Rudra


Nationalist feeling is agitating again today. As far as the new and ultra- developed global scenario is concerned, a large facet of exotic invasiveness is surely up for grab. People of the modern era are in the thought process that their native country might be under serious threat; even though; they would remain silent until their individual entity is rattled. In fact, the major statement of the problem of this study is revolving around this pivot. To become a true patriot one must be an optimal lover of his/her country as well. To say the least, a patriot always thinks broad and should not confine himself within a short periphery. “The melting and dissolving” of the “peculiar features” as a nation like Scotland- under the Victorian era, is the monologue, of Sir Walter Scott and his ever-demanding pieces of writings.


nationalism; patriot; provincialism; paradox; hypothesis

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