The Storytelling Art: A Reconsideration of Patuas Performance



The Scroll Performers, since time immemorial, utilize their inborn visual vocabulary aptitudes to connect, teach and entertain the majority in the rural Republic of India and in addition to rural Bengal region mass. Patuas traditionally performed by traveling from village to village with scroll paintings of epic stories depicted on scrolls. In every village, they might sing songs narrating the stories on the scroll, whereas unfurling their scroll at an equivalent time, creating a dynamic oral tradition developed by visual art. The immensity of their subjects was religious in nature and every Hindu and Muslim tales were pictured. Principally insight of the traditional heritage of the cluster of spectators, the entertainers connect with the hearts of thousands of people, influencing them to wander on the message of the portrayal. As bards of Bengal, they portray the scroll on myths, epics, folks, fables, social and contemporary problems. Before inquiring into the event of patachitras, the researcher will be able to justify what is ultimately about the lives and work of the patuas, their past and present, to produce the groundwork for the complex history of their art. Before British colonialism and before Islamic invasion, there was being active Patuas in the villages of Bengal. This research paper focused on a thousand years of traditional art practices have presently come to a dead end scenario in the light of the truth that social movement and other issues, expedite an extremely huge loss of contemporary support from the rural Bengal farmers’ community-associated an audience. Nearly two hundred years experiment by research scholars from India and foreign countries mentioned frequently, this challenging issue and a social awareness in callings those artistic expressions are placed in peril


scroll performers;narrating the stories;bards of Bengal

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