Sule Isah Kazaure


The proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) has become an alarming phenomenon in West Africa sub-region. This can be attributed to number of factors ranging from artificial border that ensure border porosity across the sub-region, illegal manufacturing/smuggling of arms and weak governments of most countries in addressing issues of insecurity and demands of citizenry has been captured to be factors responsible. Nigeria suffers seriously, with number of insurgent groups who use the available arms to actualizing their activities. It is in this line, present study discloses arms proliferation across West African sub-region and its negative implications to Nigerian societies. The free flow of SALW has became to be a social problem across WA, despite effort been placed by peace keeping and building bodies like ECOMOG. This paper employed qualitative content analysis of the existing studies to determine the present study. Although, there was number of related studies to this topic but the point of departure is; the present study centered on the level of arms circulation in WA sub-region and its effect to Nigeria. The authors recommends; Purposeful leadership in the sub-region so as to address needs and demands of indigenous people, review of border lines across WA countries with consideration of ethno-cultural relations, and ensuring advance strategy of security operation will at least lessen if not control the menace.


Proliferation, Arms, Sub-region, Porous and Border

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